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Viola Brand Photos

Viola Brand Photos – Artistic Cyclist Viola 2021

Renowned Artistic Cyclist Viola Brand

Art bikes are a form of competitive indoor cycling in which athletes perform tricks to gain points on fixed gear specialized bikes in a form similar to ballet or gymnastics. Training is conducted in front of the judges in five-minute rounds through singles, couples, and teams of four or six players.

Viola Brand Photos – Artistic Cyclist Viola

Viola, a german artistic cyclist and would like to show you what you can do with a bike. of my bicycle tricks but also little vlogs about the backstage area of the shows I do and other things out of my life as a cyclist, performer, a science student.

World-Renowned Artistic Cyclist Viola Brand

“Viola Brand Has Amazing Cycling Skills”‏

Viola Brand, one of the best artistic cyclists in the world. The German native chatted with them about how she watched the show to improve her English, and she also displayed her incredible skills on the bike. Little did she know that she entered the 1st Annual Ellen DeGeneres Artistic Bicycle Competition, and ended up winning a big prize, thanks to Ellen’s friends at Shutterfly!

Viola Brand (@violalovescycling) • Instagram photos and …

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