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Trump and his wife Melania contracted the Coronavirus

Urgent disastrous details of Donald Trump’s infection with Coronavirus

Trump and his wife Melania Trump contracted the Coronavirus

Urgent disastrous details of Donald Trump’s infection with Coronavirus

Trump says he and the first lady have tested positive for the COVID-19 virus

On Friday, US President Donald Trump announced that he and his wife Melania had contracted Covid-19, after they underwent an examination that gave a positive result, according to “AFP”.

Trump and his wife Melania Trump contracted the Coronavirus

Trump said that he and his wife will enter quarantine at the White House after they were infected with the Coronavirus, which causes the Corona epidemic

US President Donald Trump announced early Friday that he and his wife Melania had tested positive for the Coronavirus
A newcomer, in an extraordinary development of the biggest health crisis facing the world, and in the final stage of his re-election campaign in which he did not respect expert advice on preventing the spread of the disease.

CNN said that Trump’s diagnosis of the Coronavirus is the most serious health threat facing a US president in office in decades.

The American Network drew attention to Trump, 74, who suffers from obesity, and may face serious complications as a result of the disease that has claimed the lives of more than 200,000 Americans and more than a million people around the world.

Trump and #Melania are in quarantine

The news was sure to alarm an already shaken country still struggling over how to safely reopen the economy without pushing the virus’s transmission. The White House has access to nearly unlimited resources, including a constant supply of rapid-score tests, and it continues to fail to keep the president safe, raising questions about how the rest of the country can protect workers, students, and individuals at large as businesses and schools reopen. US stock markets tumbled on news of Trump’s diagnosis.

Questions remain about why Trump and his aides keep coming to work and traveling after Hicks’ illness. Trump traveled to New Jersey on Thursday to raise funds, exposing attendees to the virus. Trump’s social media manager, Dan Scavino, and press secretary Kylie McNani, who was originally slated to join him on the trip, were replaced at the last minute by other aides.

But McCannani kept briefing the press on Thursday morning and did not mention the suspected Hicks disease, sparking new concerns about White House transparency.

It is unclear where the Trump family and Hicks might have contracted the virus, but in an interview with Fox, Trump seemed to indicate that it might have been spread by someone in the military or law enforcement in his compliments.

The White House has begun instituting a daily testing regime for the president’s top aides after previous positive cases close to the president. Anyone in close proximity to the president or vice president every day is also tested, including reporters.

Several members of the Trump government were getting tested for COVID-19 on Friday. Stephanie Gresham, a spokeswoman for the first lady, said the president’s younger son, Barron, tested negative and “all precautions are taken to ensure his safety and health.” The White House said Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Amy Connie Barrett, who was at Capitol Hill’s meeting with lawmakers, also came out negative.

However, since the early days of the pandemic, experts have questioned health and safety protocols at the White House and questioned why more could not be done to protect the commander in chief. Trump continued to shake hands with visitors long after public health officials had warned about it, and initially resisted being tested.

Trump is far from being the first world leader to test positive for the virus, which infected Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who spent a week in hospital, including three nights in intensive care. Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was hospitalized last month while fighting what he described as the “hell” condition of COVID-19.

The White House said on Friday that President Donald Trump had “mild symptoms” of COVID-19, and made this startling announcement after he returned from an afternoon fundraising campaign without telling the crowd that he had exposed an aide to the disease. One million people were killed worldwide.

The revelation of US President and First Lady Melania Trump’s test results, on Twitter early Friday morning, plunged the country into uncertainty just a month before the presidential election. However, White House aides said he is in good spirits and working in quarantine in the family residences.

Trump has spent most of the year reducing the threat of a virus that has killed more than 205,000 Americans.

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