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The Benefits Of Black Garlic
The Benefits Of Black Garlic

The Benefits Of Black Garlic

The benefits of Black garlic is a plant used since the ancient of Egypt era in its golden time, the contains of allicin inside black garlic is what the people use as a healing natural medicine. Allicin is one of the biological active destroying the bacteria inside the body that most big completely living in black garlic. What are the allicin functions? It is an essence existing for being anti bacteria that we could find them in black garlic.

Many types of research of the essences, many researchers have done, as a result, they could conclude and discover that will be an important matter for the health issued :

lessen the fat
• normalizing from the blood circumstances
• prevent from high blood tension
• as the essence of anti-cancer
• antioxidant
• anti-bacteria.

The way of making Black Garlic

Making black garlic takes a long time, at least 90 days. The fragmented process can be shortened to be 40 days. But remain process will be different compared to black garlic processed 90 days, however. The ways of the fragmented black garlic are to put white garlic into a stainless bowl. Secondly, cover it with an aluminum foil paper. Then the bowl could be placed into an oven and supported by the heating oven. Bowl could be at least at the temperature of 25 – 30 Celsius temperature for about 40 days or 90 days. We can check it every 4 or 5 times a day. We also are to restrain the changeable temperature when it takes place.

A research “Antioxidant Effect of Garlic and Aged Black Garlic in Animal Model of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus” found that the Antioxidant found in the black garlic is higher rather than found in a common white garlic. The high content of antioxidant, it can be applied as a healing natural medicine of complicated diabetes Mellitus.

Prevent from intestine cancers

The benefits of black garlic also could prevent intestine cancer. A research found in 2014 yang Spandidos Publivation noted at that moment simply found, that the extracted black old garlic can slow down the intestines cancer process occurring inside the human body. If you are suffering from this illness, it is not to create the possibility that you may have this altered way so as to get the best result of natural medication.

Increasing the body immune system

The body immune system is a prominent key where we can hold with the attack of illness. Besides we can consume fruits and vegetables which have much vitamin C it is not a mistake where we could add our portion with a black garlic into our food.

A good compounded essence in black garlic is really very strong for our body protection. Even so, it has a great bunch of benefits, but it is better for you to stay away from this spices what if you probably have an allergic track recorded toward white garlic.

Prevent from Stroke and heart-attack

As we know from many people say that black garlic is very strong consumption to decrease the bad cholesterol. Of course, when the cholesterol, we can manage it well, our heart work system shall be normal and stable persistently.

Here is what I can conclude that using black garlic for the body health protection has been proven even in the age of the ancient Egypt, we may think that when we can start applying black garlic even it is just a little added into our food plate for the body health, let’s do this.

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