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Things That Have Aged Horribly

30 Things That Have Aged Horribly

Every one of us has said something that hasn’t worked out, or worse, something that we’ve had to retract. Things that haven’t stood the test of time.

Time is not the only relative; it also provides a new outlook on items that were previously unknown. Consider it the primary litmus test for determining whether or not anything is genuine. Although some things stay the same, such as the world’s continued adoration for Keanu Reeves, others deteriorate, like an acidic vinegar you’d never dare to call wine.

This is known as “poorly aged stuff,” which means they didn’t only get worse over time, but they got a lot worse, to the point of making people laugh or causing remorse. So, to see some of the best of the worst real-life examples, we went to the “Poorly Aged Things” Twitter account, which does just as it says on the tin: “showcases poorly-aged things.”

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