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Girl Stuck Inside a Dryer

Lifeguards rescue a girl stuck inside a clothes dryer

The firefighter rescues a silly student who is stuck in a clothes dryer

Student Rosie Cole finds that things have turned out for the worse after she goes up to the clothes dryer to make a prank.

Firefighters Rescue Girl Stuck Inside a Dryer

Firefighters had to rescue Rosie, 21, when her legs got stuck and her classmates at Hull couldn’t get her out.

Rosie was drinking with her buddies at home when she dared into the dryer.

The student thought there was “no chance” of her fitness, but suddenly got stuck inside the dryer after shaking her on the way.

Student Rosie Cole was having a few drinks with her housemates when she was dared to get inside a tumble dryer in their shared accommodation.

The emergency services were called in and it took three firefighters to successfully rescue her.

Rosie said, “I definitely won’t try it again.

“It was definitely not one of my best moments, I’ll leave this one from the CV.

“I’m not going to lie, I never wash myself anyway, and I’ve never used the dryer.

“But maybe I should start putting my clothes in it when it’s not on my body.”

Housemate Lydia Denwell, 21, is awakened to the sound of a siren.

She said she was “shocked” and “speechless” when she discovered that it was because Rosie was stuck inside the dryer.

The firefighter rescues a girl who is stuck in a clothes dryer

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