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Disorientation Of a Head Pressure
Disorientation Of a Head Pressure

Disorientation Of a Head Pressure

Disorientation of a head pressure or a headache tends to be the common illness of every one. I am pretty sure that everyone has already undergone a headache we are talking about. A headache or head pressure because by many things around of us are not so serious, so don’t worry very much. But it is better for a doctor to be careful when he diagnoses so that the diagnoses will not be cliché and the diagnosis is not to be the other illness such like tumors, cervix symptoms and so on or even a brain cancer.

The cautions of a headache are:

1.A headache caused by stress, which means when someone feels dispirited after facing a reality that he doesn’t want (a tension headache)

2.A cluster headache, it means where there is a strange thing around, or after the head touched something

3.A migraine, symptoms of a natural human body reaction toward everything it can be seen after watching, someone vomit and blurs in seeing

4. An inflammatory in a Giant Cell Arthritis

5.Inflammatory in a brain (such as Subarachnoid hemorrhage)

6.the brain infected / meningitis/ encephalitis

7.Brain cancer


and many more others.

Even so, there are many factors that can cause a headache, sometimes after having questions and answers with a doctor, the doctor shall know what the probability makes a headache to the victim at all. The example:

A headache caused by stress happens where someone is on the period of stress. Sometimes the pain that he feels is like a vibration inside his head on and on, where the head of the patient seems to be tied up by a rope and it can be better after sleeping.

A migraine- usually the pain takes place and feels like to be in a half of a head. A migraine could be the side of (right or left), the pain is caused by some factors like alcohol, OCP (oral contraceptive pills), caffeine (like coffee), a hormone which is unadjusted (example in menstruation time), butter, and less of doing sport. And the pain sometimes will be more contagious when we hear a noisy sound or a flash brightening. And the pain can be days by days.

A cluster headache
Just like the name – CLUSTER. That means a headache happens in a group or cluster. The patient feels the pain of his head occurs continually for hours. In the same time of every same single moment, every day and his eyes could redden and it feels hurt. After that the weeks later he will recover for months later before he gets a headache again.

Infected brain – meningitis or encephalitis.
This is very dangerous since when the brain gets an infection by bacteria. You are to get injection by infusion with an antibiotic when it comes late the patient will die. The patient sometimes feels hurt in his head and hard to see the light. The neck shall get a hurting feeling and weight to be shaken and also feel. The conclusion is that you should come to a hospital. This infection because of bacteria (which is very dangerous) or virus (not to be very dangerous or another germ, mold, and fungus.

Brain cancer or tumor of brain
Brain cancer or tumor of brain – sometimes a patient will feel the pain in the head if he lies on a bed. The patient can feel the symptoms in the morning after getting up. After they stand up the pain shall go away. And also it depends on the position of where the tumor of the patient may become but a patient suffering a head tumor has a problem with his sight, he feels weak or the legs are unstable.

Here are the articles about disorientation of a head pressure that hopefully could be an additional understanding of how to keep up our head and realize whether we get a serious head illness or no

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  1. Having read this I thought it was rather enlightening. I appreciate you
    spending some time and energy to put this short article
    together. I once again find myself spending way too much time both reading and commenting.
    But so what, it was still worth it!

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