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Dream Video Dream
Dream Video Dream

Deep breath itself Am I the only one who does this?

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Dream or vision is a series of fantasies that occur during sleep, and dreams differ in the extent of their cohesion and logic, and there are many theories that explain the occurrence of dreams, Sigmund Freud says that dreams are a means by which the soul resorts to satisfy its pent-up desires and motives, especially that its saturation is difficult in reality.

In dreams, the individual sees his motives as fulfilled in the form of an event or situation, and the popular saying that the hungry dreams about the market for a living is the best expression of this, but the dreams are often hidden or hidden so that the dreamer himself is not aware of its meaning, and therefore many dreams seem meaningless. Logic is similar to crazy thinking, unlike daydreams that are very logical

The study of dreams found traces on the stone slabs dating back to Sumer, the oldest civilization known to mankind, and some ancient peoples such as the Greeks believed that dreams are generally a gift from the gods to reveal information to humans and plant a certain message in the mind of the sleeping person.

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Dream Video Dream

Corrupt alarm 😡
Am I the only one who does this? 😅
Deep breath itself

check my bin back to the bars after confinement

How dare you be tolerant of others.

She might not be a great shot but she is a catch.

The End

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