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Biden tests for COVID-19

BREAKING: Biden tests negative for COVID-19

Biden tests negative for COVID-19

Doctor says Joe and Jill Biden have tested negative for COVID-19

His doctor confirmed on Friday that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his wife Jill Biden had tested negative for COVID-19.

“Vice President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden underwent a PCR test for COVID-19 today and no COVID-19 was detected,” Biden’s primary care physician Kevin O’Connor said in a statement.

Biden also tweeted confirming that he and his wife had negative test results.

Biden wrote in a tweet, “I am pleased to report that a generation and generation test is negative for COVID.” Thank you everyone for the messages that matter to you. I hope this is a reminder: Wear a mask, keep a social distance, and wash your hands. ”

I am glad to report that we have had a negative test with Jill regarding COVID. Thanks to everyone for the messages that interest you. Hope this is a reminder: Wear a mask, keep a social distance, and wash your hands.

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden and his wife Jill wave to supporters as they walk to an Amtrak train to begin a campaign train tour in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S., September 30, 2020. REUTERS/Mike Segar

  • Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) October 2, 2020
    This news comes hours after President Trump, First Lady Melania Trump, and others announced they tested positive for the virus. The president and first lady are currently in quarantine at the White House with mild symptoms.

It also comes just days after Biden and Trump met in Cleveland in their first presidential debate on Tuesday. On Friday, the Trump campaign did not notify the Biden team of the president’s positive coronavirus test, and Biden’s aides did not learn about it until after reviewing the news reports.

Biden’s running mate, Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA), was also tested for coronavirus earlier on Friday. Its results were negative.

The revelation that the president had tested positive for the virus that has killed more than 200,000 people in the United States alone turned the race to the White House just 32 days before Election Day.

Trump’s quarantine means he will not be able to campaign in person at a time when polls show he is lagging behind Biden on the national level and in key battlefield states. Sources close to the Democratic presidential candidate said on Friday that he will continue his campaign as long as he and those around him are testing negative results for the Coronavirus.

However, Trump’s positive test for COVID-19 raises serious questions about how the race for the White House will continue in the coming weeks.

Harris and Vice President Mike Pence are set to debate on Wednesday, while Trump and Biden are scheduled to appear in two additional debates, one on October 15 and the other on October 22. It is unclear how Trump’s illness will affect those discussions if the way forward at all.

Trump was due to appear at a fundraiser in Washington, DC, on Friday, as well as at a campaign rally in Sanford, Florida. Both events were canceled after news of the president’s coronavirus test spread.

While coronavirus is far more deadly than seasonal outbreaks, such as influenza, the vast majority of that infected recover from it. But Trump and Biden are at particular risk, given their ages. Both men are in their 70s and older men tend to be more likely to have severe symptoms.

White House officials on Friday described the president as “energetic,” and said they expect him to make a full recovery.

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