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Strange fish depicted with strange human-like teeth caught by a fisherman in Malaysia
Bizarre fish with human teeth shocked it's Find by an angler in Malaysia

Bizarre fish with human teeth shocked it’s Find by an angler in Malaysia

In pictures, a fish with human teeth shocked its viewers

Find fish with human teeth as experts try to identify mysterious sea creature

The triggerfish family baffled the Internet with its teeth we are fighting to fight sea urchins and crabs with its powerful power that they can puncture diving suits.

The triggerfish has a full set of eerily human-like teeth (Image: CEN / @ raff_nasir)

The mysterious mysterious fish hunted in Malaysia amazed the internet with its entire set of human-like teeth – and experts believe they have pinpointed that.

Hunter hunting a strange fish will get a full set of human-like teeth.

The exotic fish became a sensation on the Internet after it was linked in Malaysia.

Its cutouts are strikingly similar to rapidly spreading human images.

A photo of exotic fish has shared thousands of times on Twitter, as people speculated about its identity and asked if it was real.

Incredibly, it is really a true type of tooth fish.

The fish looks rather more ordinary with its mouth closed (Image: CEN / @ raff_nasir)

The sea creature was identified with human-like teeth that left the Internet confused.

Animal pictures have left millions guessing – and there is some worrying news for swimmers.

The Rakyat Post has identified ocean pulses as a trigger fish, and says it is common across Malaysia.

The creature belongs to the Balistidae family – they are known for their “bad behavior”.

According to National Geographic, these fish are famous for shipping to hackers – which includes other marine creatures as well as human divers.

They “use their strong teeth and strong jaws to fight sea urchins and crabs, but their bites can break diving suits”

The fish became an online sensation (Image: CEN)

The Rakyat Post has identified it as a trigger fish – and it’s common in waters around Malaysia.

There are about 40 types of trigger thickness.

Most bright colors make their homes in tropical and sub-tropical waters.

Males are known to be regional and aggressive, accusing intruders and even using their impressive teeth for fighting crabs and sea urchins, according to National Geographic.

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