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An Army of 10,000 Doctors and Volunteers Have Been Recruited

An Army of 10,000 Doctors and Volunteers Have Been Recruited

A COVID Vaccine Launched in Oxford – An Army of 10,000 Doctors and Volunteers Have Been Recruited by the NHS to Deliver 100 Million Doses in a matter of days

Tens of thousands of doctors and volunteers have been recruited by the NHS to help deliver the Oxford Covid-19 vaccine.

The government is waiting for regulators to give the green light, which could happen as early as Monday, but 100 million doses of the vaccine have already been purchased.

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Veteran D-Day fighter and retired Chelsea fighter Bob Sullivan

An army of volunteers was recruited to deliver the vaccine

Already 100 million doses of bait have been purchased

In anticipation, mass vaccination centers are set up in sports stadiums and conference venues, with January 4 being the target day for the vaccine launch, according to reports The Telegraph.

Indeed, a source told the newspaper: “Tens of thousands of immunization and support workers have been recruited.

“At the moment, we are activating everything for 4 January for the first Oxford / AstraZeneca attack.”

She also realizes that the government will fix the list of priorities when the new vaccine in the UK is given the green light.

Teachers and some key workers will be eligible for the injection, which is currently only given to the elderly, clinically vulnerable, and home care and health care workers.

Hundreds of GPs-led pop-up centers are on their way as part of the massive vaccination campaign to get the country back in business in the new year.

It comes as follows:

Scientists say that the whole of England should go through a Level 4 lockdown immediately
Education heads face a “colossal battle” to keep high schools open in the face of a new strain of COVID-19
New cases of the variant have been reported in countries around the world
The NHS is facing an employment crisis, with one in ten patients suffering as coronavirus admission rates continue to rise
The Covid strain is 70 percent more contagious as experts fear the outbreak in the southeast of the country is getting out of control
The Daily Mail says that doctors, nurses, paramedics, and pharmacists will work on these centers with the aim of opening their first place next week as the government pledged to “throw the kitchen sink” in getting Bretz’s elbow hit.

A government source told the newspaper: “The vaccine is the way to make us safe and get us out of this epidemic. We are throwing out the kitchen sink.”

A goal of 2 million people has been set to receive their first dose of the Oxford or Pfizer vaccine within two weeks.

The long-awaited vaccine, which the University of Oxford has developed with pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, is seen as critical in easing lockdown restrictions in the new year.

Last night, Chancellor Rishi Sunak made an optimistic note as he predicted that the vaccine would finally give the UK a way out of Covid misery after billions were spent to ensure a smooth rollout.

“There is a light at the end of the tunnel with this vaccine,” he said.

“I am confident that if we all participate together we will move beyond this as we have done during this year, and we can look forward to a brighter future.

“Especially now with the deal sealed with our European friends and partners – this gives us a powerful platform to look forward with optimism, but the divisions of the past behind us, and embrace our future with confidence and optimism.

“As we hope to bypass the Coronavirus, we can begin to rebuild and create prosperity and opportunities for British families across the country.”

Elbow strike offers hope to millions who live under Level 4 restrictions

Scientists have been working around the clock since February when experiments began in April, and within 10 months they were able to achieve what would normally take years.

The Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine has already started.

But since it has to be stored at -70 ° C, it cannot be dispensed as quickly as the Oxford vaccine, which can be stored at 2 ° C in a regular fridge, which means more people can be vaccinated more quickly.

AstraZeneca President Pascal Soriot said he believed the knockout had the “winning formula” to achieve a 90 percent success rate when taken in two separate doses.

“We believe we have come up with the winning formula and how to get an efficacy that, after two doses, will be present with everyone else,” said Mr. Soriot.

He said the new data will show that his researchers have achieved an efficiency roughly equal to Pfizer with 95 percent efficacy and modern 94.5 percent.

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