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19 new funny pictures summer 2020 memes
19 new funny pictures summer 2020 memes

19 Fresh Photos Funny Summer 2020 Memes

Do you feel that? Summer is here, it is more repressive and unwelcome than ever. So I hope these summer 2020 memes give you cause to laugh while you stay at home.

Quarantine would have been the hot summer look, but if a few people end up at the beaches, we might all end up with tan lines and a face mask instead.

Of course, with the rate at which our world collapses, there are likely to be ten new disasters emerging before the end of the summer. What fun awaits us? no one knows. But keep your shoes ready because snake venom rain is coming.

What do the kids think this summer? It might be normal for them now. It must be fun.

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We are in the middle of the week and it was crazy as usual. Before we head off on the weekends, we still have a few more work or school days ahead, so take a break and give your mind over with these cool pictures for your pleasure.

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