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13.Things That Were Made in The Past To Last a Long time

13+Things That Were Made in The Past To Last a Long time

Many of us are fascinated by vintage items, and it’s even better when they may still be used to their full potential. As the folks featured in our piece demonstrate, those of us who are excellent at thrifting or interested enough to learn what’s in our own attics can wear a six-decade-old outfit, watch a 1980s show on a TV, or wake up to the chime of an alarm clock from the first half of the twentieth century.

We at Bright Side were blown away by these 17 items from the past that are still in fantastic working order, and we’re curious if you have any comparable long-lasting goods in your home.

1. “I got a waffle iron for 25 cents at a garage sale in 1958, and it still works!”

2. “This is my grandmother’s twentieth wedding anniversary gown, which she designed in 1959. I wore it to her one-hundredth birthday party yesterday!”

3. “My mother’s 82-year-old, sharp, child-safe scissors”

4. “I still have my vintage 1940s traveling alarm clock, which rings rather loudly.”

5. “I got a Gunne Sax bridal gown from the 1970s and an entire set of Homer Laughlin mid-century Skytone Stardust china from Homer Laughlin. Never, ever, ever stop thrifting!”

6. “I just came across my great-handbag!” grandmother’s It’s still in good shape.”

7. “In my grandparents’ house, which was built in 1902, I discovered this old light bulb that still works.”

8. “A vintage Kirby vacuum cleaner in excellent condition that belonged to my grandparents”

9. “In 1973, my mother created this coat for herself. Now it’s her 22-year-old granddaughter’s turn!”

10. “Recently acquired: my parents’ first television, which was purchased in 1983, and my father’s cabinet, which he had since he was a teenager in 1968. My future child will use it to watch cartoons, just as I did.”

11. “In my father’s old belongings, I found this 1970s Panasonic alarm clock/radio that still works like new!”

12. “It was created in the 1940s for my great-great-grandmother and is still in use today!”

13 “This pocket watch, which dates from 1892, keeps decent time for its age.”

13+Things That Were Made in The Past To Last a Long time

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